Sunday, October 7, 2007

Santa's Collectively Written Christmas Meme

Thanks to Zephyr1 at Climate of Our Future, who tagged me with this wonderfully festive and thoughtful blogging meme, I present to you:
Santa’s Collectively Written Christmas Meme.
I like it because it’s a collective story. The rules are pretty simple. Each person who gets tagged adds two lines to the already existing story (remember to number them). In those added lines, one word needs to be hyperlinked to your own blog and your post should include a link to Santa’s Community Blog, the originator of the meme. Whoever reaches 21 lines, submits the story to Santa here, by commenting to that post with a link to your post. Santa will select the best, nicest, warmest, funniest collectively written Christmas stories and publish them on Santa’s Community Blog. So here is the beginning of the story:

1- The day before Christmas a young little girl
2-Was worried about Christmas in the Future.
3-So, she planted an acre of “living Christmas trees”
4. without realizing that the grumpy Alien Next Door
5. was allergic to trees and hated Christmas.

I challenge (tag) the following stellar writers to provide the next two lines of this story:

Somerset Bob
Mimi Lenoux
Modern Matriarch
the Insane Writer
Word Strumpet
Greg's Brain
Author's Den (Erik Hare)
A Quiet Symphony

Okay! Go at her and enjoy yourselves! I gave you a challenge (mischievious grin) But be good, 'cause Santa's watching, after all!


Jos said...

Hi Nina! Thank you so much for posting this! It seems I have chosen a bit of a complex meme for many people to follow up ;)
I would really like all participants to carry it further, because we do want to offer some nice 21 line stories to Santa in the end, don't we?
Would you be as kind as to 'chase' your 'taggees' a bit, in order to encourage them to follow through?
Thanks, -Jos:)

Jos said...

(I put up your post on Santa's Community Blog as an example.)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds a good challenge, Nina!

sfgirl said...

Cool, Jos! Let's see what happens...I'd be happy to "bug" my taggies...I gave them a bit of a challenge but I'm sure they're up to it!