Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"The Cypol" nominated for Ecata Reviewer's Choice Award

Time for a COMMERCIAL Break... :-)

My SF sensual romantic thriller, "The Cypol" published by eXtasy Books in October 2006, was nominated for the 2006 Ecata Reviewer's Choice Award. Here's part of the review: "...The Cypol is a different type of romance...The ending is poignant yet appropriate. Ready for something different yet rewarding? The Cypol by Nina Munteanu is well worth your time."
The reviewer's right...The Cypol isn't your ordinary romance. It's rather dark and the ending is not typical for romance readers. It's more typically SF in that way, I guess. There you go...I'm categorizing again :-) This book is a good example of cross-genre that doesn't really fit either the "romance" category (except for some steamy scenes, that is :) OR the SF genre (those same steamy scenes :-D. What I'm hearing on the writer's grapevine is that cross-genre books like this one are being successfully published by small press publishers, who are taking the lead in fresh and innovative works. And they are doing very well too. I'm not surprised; they're taking the chances that the big publishers can't seem to afford to be able to take. Dragon Moon Press was lately featured in the New York Times and Scott Sigler's "Ancestor", published by DMP, reached #1 on


Virginia said...

Congratulations, Nina!

sfgirl said...

Thanks, Virginia! I'm not sure what it means...reviewers--at least this one--obviously loved the book. Some readers panned it. I'm certain it was because of their expectations of what a romance book should have (i.e., a traditional 'happy ending', which this book does not have; it has an appropriate ending, with closure). This speaks to what I was talking about before about properly categorizing your book and having a book jacket description that does not lead the reader astray.