Friday, May 18, 2007

My 50 Favourite Science Fiction Books -- CONTEST!

In keeping with my Friday tradition of a blog or website showcase, here's one for today: I recently discovered this great site called "The Library Thing". It's basically a virtual library where you can catalogue your books and chat with other readers about the subjects in literature that rouse a passionate interest in you. This is what The Christian Science Monitor said: "Library Thing" appears poised to turn the cataloguing of books into a form of communal recreation." Over at blogsite, Postcards from the Mothership, this was heard wailed: "Oh, my God! I have not been this excited about the Internet since I 'discovered' blogging!" So, I eagerly created my virtual LT library and graced it with 50 of the science fiction books I most enjoyed reading. Head on over and check them out (Nina's LT catalogue) and see if any of your favourites and mine match. Let me know by posting a comment. Of course, I shamelessly included the books I wrote in there. Why not? If you don't like what you write, then why write?


For a chance to win a copy of "The Best of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine" Anthology (pictured in the link), tell me which book(s) in my library don't fit the mould (i.e., aren't science fiction). If I agree, then I'll add your name to a pool from which I'll randomly draw one out for the book at the end of the month.


The Sikkim Times said...

Hello Nina,
Congratulations for your wonderful blog on issues that really matters today. I am from Sikkim,India where the environment is a buzz word as we happen to live so close to nature.
I guess you are no more an alien to me.
You are doing a great jobof being Mom and have such a nice way to express your thoughts.

sfgirl said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you live so close to nature. We must cherish it and protect with all our wits and hearts, don't you agree?

josh said...

What an interesting site LibraryThing is... It's one of those great ideas that anyone could have had - in hindsight. Although none of my previous attempts to catalog my library have been successful, I am quite determined to make use of it. Do you not find the task of entering all your books into LibraryThing to be daunting? Prohibitively so?

sfgirl said...

That's why I only entered my 50 favourite SF books. Gosh! I must have a million books in my house. And, yes, that would be a daunting task to catalogue.

vikk simmons said...


Thanks for stopping by my site. My LibraryThing is nearly at 1800. I made it a rule to enter all new books before they get shelved or stacked and that has helped. I will also have an occasional LT night or weekend where I end up adding one bookcase or even one bookcase shelf of books. I love the tagging aspect because I can carve out the research books per project.

vikk simmons said...

Also, being able to enter most books with the ISBN number is really helpful.

sfgirl said...

WOW, Vikk! That's so cool! It's an awesome tool, once you've put the initial effort into cataloging it all, isn't it? Then it's just a case of adding as you buy books. I admire what you've done. I have to admit that, like Josh, I found it a daunting task as I glanced at my many bookshelves brimming with books and didn't even go there. I must have a MILLION books!

vikk simmons said...

A little late but a follow up on Library Thing. I've made it less daunting by just entering one shelf of books at a time. That's my limit. No hurry. It goes quickly and I'm past 2000 now. :)