Sunday, March 2, 2008

Book Meme

Kathleen, that Heretic down the road (Diary of a Heretic) and Drowsey Monkey, both sent me this neat book meme. Thanks, Kathleen and Drowsey Monkey! Here's how it goes:

1. look up page 123 in the nearest book to you at the time;

2. find the fifth sentence and write it down. Then write down the three sentences that follow.

3. once you've done this find three other suck--er.... em... people you'd like to tag and send along.

Well... sounds like fun to me. It was tied at two books nearest to me: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman and ... well ... my book, Darwin's Paradox, copies of which I always keep near me, under my pillow and everywhere (not really, but it is in my bookshelf above my desk where my computer sits). So, I checked page 123 of The Golden Compass, and the following three sentences and here's what I got (from the Alfred A Knopf [New York] version):

All the time they were steaming north, it grew colder daily. The ships stores were searached for oilskins that could be cut down for her and Jerry showed her how to sew, an art she learned willingly from him, though she had scorned it at Jordan and avoided instruction from Mrs. Lordsdale. Together, they made a waterproof bag for the alethiometer that she could wear around her waist, in case she fell in the sea, she said. With it safely in place she clung to the rail in her oilskins and sou'wester as the stinging spray broke over the bow and surged along the deck.

Makes you want to read more, eh? I so enjoyed this book. Okay... how about Darwin's Paradox. I couldn't help my curiousity... what was on page 123, fifth sentence down?... What I found wasn't particularly illuminating, so I cheated and took the first sentence and following three:

Gaia shrugged. "He's probably lying low, doing something smart for a change. I don't make a point of keeping tabs on corrupt politicians."

"You don't?" Aileen asked, raising a brow slightly. Angel thought she noticed Gaia's face pale slightly but couldn't be sure. "I thought you made it a matter of personal interest."

Yeah.... it's more than four sentences too. But I wanted to complete the mini-scene (author's prerogative). So, here's the fun part. This is the part where I tag others. And I choose:


Two Write Hands said...

Hey, thanks for the tag. I've been waiting for these meme to come my way! :) I'll get to is later this week when the contest at my site has ended. Thanks again.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I remember that paragraph, Nina!

sfgirl said...

Cool, Jean-Luc! You're welcome, Two Write Hands. I'm curious what you'll choose.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Nina, I finally got around to catching up with this meme. I'm such a lazy blogger. Thanks for the tag.