Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

Bobby, at My Muse and Me, awarded my blog this incredible award of excellence. I accept it with pride and humbleness. There are so many great blogs out there, starting with Bobby's own site, a thoughtful and entertaining site on writing and musings. Says Bobby: "I started My Muse and Me as a writing exercise, but it is turning into much more than that. I love getting feedback from other bloggers!"

Well, part of the condition of accepting is to, in turn, bestow this award of blog excellence to TEN other deserving blogs and bloggers, so I get a chance to showcase some of you who I've had the privilege to read and get to know. Here are my choices:

Modern Matriarch: Tricia Ares continues to provide bracing articles on writing, literature and art. Her distaff reflections, interviews and in-depth book reviews wonderfully augment her insightful articles on all aspects of writing from how to write a synopsis to women networking. Check out her great blogroll of resources. Woohoo, woman!

Somerset Bob's Place: Bob Kingsley is a hero and his blog does heroic things. Bob has embraced the issue of climate change with numerous articles that both instruct and inspire. A radio presenter and voice-over artist (with a truly sexy voice!), Bob is also an impeccable writer and blogger. You can find lots of instructive stuff on blogging, Web 2 and web publishing. Go, man! Go!

Nameless Grace and Darwin's Paradox: published by the graceful Karen Mason (SEO), both sites are devoted to excellent literature, the first primarily to short stories and the latter to my book, Darwin's Paradox. Karen created sites that are as graceful as they are useful, as elegant as they are erudite and as stylish as they are surprising. Brava, girl!

The Soulless Machine: Aaron Wilson's cool review site deserves particular mention because I think reviews of the short story are a worthwhile pursuit and there are very few reviewers out there who devote themselves to this form. Aaron reviews long form too, but pretty well devotes mostly to the short form. Brouse his site and discover a wonderful new medium: the short story!
Climate of Our Future: this worthwhile and attractive site is maintained impeccably by Deborah and Francis, who have tirelessly provided us with current and important news, issues and articles that feature environmental solutions and noteworthy events on the subject of climate change. Go, guys, go!

Women in Science: Peggy Kolm provides great science articles, current events, and wildly interesting stories on women in science. Well written with authority, her articles both inspire and entertain. She should meet Tricia!

Monday Morning Power: That Mel turns those Monday blahs into powerful inspirations for the coming week. This is a great site to learn how attitude can make a difference, through inspirational quotes, poems, articles and essays. Mel is as knowledgeable as he is crazy, as insightful as he is weird... okay, I see where I'm going with this and will stop now. Mel, you're a sweetheart!

Captain Picard's Journal: Jean-luc gets my vote not just because he is one sexy guy, but because his journal entertains and makes me laugh. Not just for Star Trek fans, this compendium of oft mis-adventures of a "harrassed" Starfleet captain is a wonderful read.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nina, thanks so much for this delightful Award.

Your words are very kind. Much appreciated.

Nina Munteanu said...

You're so welcome, Jean-luc! :)

Aaron Wilson said...

Thank you.

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for the "E". I really appreciate this.

Sorry I have not been around lately, but I have been working on a new project that has been taking up most of my available time. I am looking for some launch partners. Would you be interested? I am not quite ready to reveal the details yet.

If you would like to be in on the launch as well as hearing more details please email me at

Thanks again for the award and the nice words!!!

Peggy K said...

Thanks for the award and the suggestion to check out Tricia's blog.

And I just wanted to mention that there is something (a script?) that usually makes my Firefox crash (this was my second attempt to get here). I'd visit more often if that didn't happen.

(And if it helps I'm on a Mac running Firefox 2.0)

Nina Munteanu said...

You're so welcome everyone! Mel, you have me intrigued. I will certianly be in touch with you! :)

Peggy... you are the second person who had some problems with my site crashing your computer. I'll have to have a look at what might be causing it. Don't want to shut anyone away! Really appreciate you coming to the site!