Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nina Goes to Chapters and Reads a Book

Lucia Gorea, host of “Poets and Writers of the New Millennium” invited me along with four cool poets to give a reading at Chapters Metrotown in Burnaby last Thursday. Thank you, Lucia! We had a great turn out and a great time too (and that’s not just because of the cake, pastry and chocolate! Although, it sure didn’t hurt). This is a monthly multicultural literary and artistic event and I was honored to be in the company of writers from Chile, India, France and Romania, not to mention Canada. The roster was impressive:

Poet Alejandro Mujica-Olea (Pearls from the Soul of a Political Prisoner) was born in Santiago, Chile, and came to Canada as a political refuge in 1975. He is co-founder of the World Poetry Reading Series in Vancouver and co-host of World Poetry on Co-op Radio, 102.7 FM. Alejandro read in both English and in Spanish to a rapt audience that appreciated both language renditions for their intensity and lyricism.

Pummy Kaur was born in India and teaches in the Gifted Education program in the British Columbia school district. After a stirring account of how she came to write her popular book, What Would Gandhi Do? Pummy read an excerpt that touched on our interconnectedness and made us think.

Jacqueline Maire, a retired nurse from France, read with a musical voice in English and in French from her collection of powerful poems on human rights, dignity and policy. Jacqueline was a featured poet at the Women in Film and Television Vancouver in 2008 and will be featured at the World Poetry Reading Series at the Vancouver Public Library.

Award-winning poet, Bernice Lever lives on the west coast of British Columbia, where she writes wonderfully lyrical poems about nature, love and the environment. She read some entrancing love poems from her collection, Never a Straight Line.
Our energetic host, Lucia Gorea, is an award-winning poet and best-selling writer, who received the World Poetry Award of Excellence for 2008. She authored four books and a collection of poetry, including Journey Through My Soul from which she read.

I was on last—just before the chocolates! I gave a rousing reading from my short story, Virtually Yours (from The Best of Neo-Opsis by Bundoran Press) to a crowd now stirring in their seats with eyes glued to the food. Okay…I lie…They were actually staring at my gorgeous book stand, given to me personally by my artist friend Teresa Young for tonight’s reading. It felt good, Teresa! Many thanks! My next appearance is at Chapters, Pinetree Village, on December 13th, a lucky day (Saint Lucia's Day and 12 days before Christmas!)

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Nina Munteanu is an ecologist and internationally published author of novels, short stories and essays. She coaches writers and teaches writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. For more about Nina’s coaching & workshops visit Visit for more about her writing.


kathleenmaher said...

Nina, So great to see how well you're doing! It looks as if your career's thriving. Too bad you didn't stop in NYC. One day, though.

It's been too long, I know. But I tagged you for a VERY easy meme--a holiday post. See my Review and Meme blog:

Cheers! And I'll stay in closer touch. I can't manage Facebook--I know you've put up invitations for me. But somehow I get interrupted or it's out of service when I'm on it.
Keep doing what you're doing! Kathleen

Karl Johanson said...

Sounds like a cool event. Um... did you save any of the chocolate?

SF Girl said...

Great hearing from you, Kathleen! Yeah... NYC would have been a blast! But I ran out of time and money and car (LOL!)... The meme sounds like fun. Thanks for the tag.

Karl... well, what do YOU think? It's chocolate, after all :)

Yes, it was a neat event, really cool to hear all those different languages. I kinda brushed up on my Romanian too... eu nu vorbesc mult insa pot sa spun ceva!...

Princess Haiku said...

I wondered how you were doing these days and here you are looking vibrant and making friends with people from all over. Looks like your career it heading straight up. Best wishes

SF Girl said...

Hi, Princess! Thank you. Nice to see you, as always. Yes, lots is happening right now. All exciting! Crazy! Wonderful! :) I'm riding the wave... woohee! (don't tell anyone, but I'm not a good surfer, really, so I'm wearing this bulky but comfy wild-colored floater jacket of friends and colleagues who are keeping me balanced). Hope you are keeping well.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was quite a collection of people. The best was definately last, of course. I love that bookstand you have as well!

blackburn1 said...

Looks like a great turnout, and a collection of international talent as well. Quite the company you had! Reading stands and food... where was Toulouse, missing out on the action. =]

I was hoping to get out, but the flu had other plans... one more chance before Christmas.

SF Girl said...

Yes, it was good fun, Jean-Luc! Food and interesting people--what more could one ask for? I thought you'd like the bookstand, Jean-Luc (you have impeccable taste, after all! :) ...

You asked about Toulouse, Blackburn... there's a funny story there... I HAD brought him along (knowing he'd be dying to be part of such a festive occasion) but, with all the excitement about the bookstand (which everyone oogled over) I forgot him in my briefcase! So close but so far away! LOL! He hasn't forgiven me yet... I shall have to compensate somehow... Do you think chocolate might help?

p.s. sorry to hear you're still ill... my signing on Dec. 13 has been postponed to January, so you have lots of time to recover. Get lots of rest, and drink plenty of fluids (hot rum is good, I hear :)

SF Girl said...

p.s. As a follow up to this mini-convention, I will be guesting on Co-op Radio 102.7 FM at 9pm pst in Vancouver to talk about "stuff"... mostly what I'm up to these days (which is a lot!), I guess, and it will be aired in both English AND Spanish! Yo tan soy emocionado!