Monday, December 5, 2011

New Trailer for "Outer Diverse"

Check it out! It's BOSS!

And go nominate Costi Gurgu for the Aurora Prix Award for Best cover art. He deserves it! You can nominate him on the Aurora site starting January 1, 2012, when the nominations open. Looks like you have to be a member to nominate. Used to be ANY Canadian could nominate works for the Aurora. I might have my information wrong, so go check out the site on January 1st to nominate Costi for his splendid artwork to produce the cover of Outer Diverse.

Nina Munteanu is an ecologist and internationally published author of novels, short stories and essays. She coaches writers and teaches writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. For more about Nina’s coaching & workshops visit Visit for more about her writing.


CatMum said...

This is a most compelling video, so full of passion, intrigue, tension!
struggle, longing, unrest I have seen in a very long time! The music beautifully captures the setting in this video. A stellar piece of work by Nina Munteanu. The art work is stunning and I can hardly wait to get my copy of this book Do remember to vote for Cost Gurgi at the Aurora's in January! Vanessa

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A fantastic video with Rachmaninov's Concerto (my dad says) coupled with super artwork and a stunning plot. Well done, Nina!

SF Girl said...

Thanks Jean-Luc and CatMum! ... I'm very pleased with the trailer (can't beat Rachmaninov) AND the book cover!

It's all good... :)

Hope you enjoy the book. You can purchase it at and in Great Britain at


SF Girl said...

Thanks for reminding people to vote for Costi and his evokative artwork for Outer Diverse. Basically, all you have to do is go to the Aurora site (below), become a member and nominate Costi for the art category. Easy pesy!

Nominations start January 1st 2012