Friday, August 17, 2012

Costi Gurgu Aurora Prix Best Artist Finalist for Outer Diverse

Congratulations to Costi Gurgu for being celebrated by the Aurora Prix Awards for his stunning cover art on the book cover of Outer Diverse (first book of The Splintered Universe Trilogy by Starfire World Syndicate).

Costi was recently honoured by the Auroras for his imaginative and elegant cover art that resonates impeccably with the story inside.

I recently interviewed Costi about his art and particularly what he created for Outer Diverse. Costi used a triptych approach for the three covers of the trilogy to reflect the evolution of the entire trilogy and the fractal relationship of the worlds represented.

Costi came up with the triptych approach to the three covers after a discussion about the story arc of the protagonist Rhea Hawke (a determined but troubled Galactic Guardian tasked with solving the mysterious massacre of an entire spiritual sect). Rhea Hawke is a complex character. Her journey of self-discovery and her three-stage evolution is reflected eloquently in Costi's  cover art and design of the trilogy. What more could a writer ask for? I am honoured by his work.

Look for more of Costi's work in Books 2 and 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy. They are scheduled for release by Starfire in fall/winter of 2012 (Inner Diverse) and spring 2013 (Metaverse).

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Vanessa Rottner said...

Dear Nina,
I am absolutely thrilled. Congratulations to both you and Costi.
Like fine artwork, you both shine in the universe. You continue to reach new heigts of achievment in all you do. I am always happy to promote you, especially your new audio book from IAMBIK.

Nina Munteanu said...

Thanks, Diva Cat! You are obviously a cat with good taste! LOL! I really enjoyed the audio book of Outer Diverse by Iambik (now available on narrated by Dawn Harvey. The audio book of Inner Diverse, the second book in The Splintered Universe Trilogy, will be coming out soon. (GiANT SMILE)...

Costi is up again this year for the Aurora for his artwork on Inner Diverse. Let the universe shine, indeed! :)

Best Wishes,