Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Last Summoner by Nina Munteanu NOW OUT

Nina Munteanu’s latest book The Last Summoner is a Historical Time Travel Fantasy. Now available at,, The Book Depository (UK), Barnes & Noble and Chapters and other quality bookstores near you.
Every Choice Has Its Price…
On June 14th, 1410 in Grunwald, Prussia, one of medieval history’s most decisive battles is about to destroy the powerful Teutonic Order, slaughtering virtually all its monk knights. How would history have changed if this arrogant Nazi-like order had not underestimated its enemy and had instead won to continue sweeping through north-east Europe, unscathed, in its ambitious crusade for Christendom?
As a result of an impetuous choice, young 14-year old Vivianne Schoen, Baroness von Grunwald makes the startling discovery that she can alter history—but not before she’s branded a witch and must flee through a time-space tear into an alternate present-day France that she "authored" -- a France ruled by fascists. There, she will learn that every choice has its price.
Enjoy this Canadian bestseller in print form or on your iPhone or similar device through Kindle.
Nina Munteanu is ”…A master of metaphor.”— Craig Bowlsby

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nina Munteanu's SF Thriller Now Audiobook

Nina Munteanu's space thriller Outer Diverse is now a scintillating audiobook by Iambik Audiobooks, narrated exquisitely by Dawn Harvey. Harvey breathes incredible life into this fast paced metaphysical thriller about a female detective who must solve the mystery of a spiritual sect massacre. Rhea comes alive alongside a gaggle of sordid and macabre characters in Harvey's rich narrative. A rollercoaster ride guaranteed to entertain.

Who needs coffee when you have Dawn Harvey!

Outer Diverse is the first book of the Splintered Universe Trilogy, set in and around the Milky Way Galaxy. The first book begins as Galactic Guardian Rhea Hawke investigates the massacre of an entire religious sect, catapulting her into a treacherous storm of politics, conspiracy and self-discovery. Her quest for justice leads her into the heart of a universal struggle and toward an unbearable truth she's hidden from herself since she murdered an innocent man.

What people are saying about Outer Diverse:

"A master of metaphor, Munteanu turns an adventure story into a wonderland of alien rabbit holes...a fascinating and enthralling read."--Craig Bowlsby, author of Commander's Log

"A rollicking science fiction plot with all the trappings...Hawke is a maverick in teh wild west tradition...a genetic mystery with lethal powers."--Lynda Williams, author of Okal Rel series

What people are saying about Dawn Harvey:

"I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed "Outer Diverse". A metaphysical Sci Fi thriller with rich characters. Dawn Harvey told the story brilliantly and played the characters wonderfully. Definitely worth listening to."--Dan Wallace, narrator Lions Den Productions

"I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Nina Munteanu's audio book. Dawn has transported me into a new world of inspiration. Dawn is absolutely magic."--Vanessa Rottner

You can purchase this audiobook directly from Iambik for download to your Iphone or other device. It costs $6.99.

Go to my Tumbr site to hear a sample:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Writer's Salon with Nina Munteanu

Join Nina and fellow writers every Tuesday at 7 pm at the Beacher Cafe in the Beaches of Toronto for lively discussions on all aspects of writing and publishing. Bring your WIP. Eat, drink, and discuss over a cappuccino and dessert or a delicious meal.

Next meeting is this Tuesday, August 21st. See you there!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Costi Gurgu Aurora Prix Best Artist Finalist for Outer Diverse

Congratulations to Costi Gurgu for being celebrated by the Aurora Prix Awards for his stunning cover art on the book cover of Outer Diverse (first book of The Splintered Universe Trilogy by Starfire World Syndicate).

Costi was recently honoured by the Auroras for his imaginative and elegant cover art that resonates impeccably with the story inside. 

I recently interviewed Costi about his art and particularly what he created for Outer Diverse. Costi used a triptych approach for the three covers of the trilogy to reflect the evolution of the entire trilogy and the fractal relationship of the worlds represented.

Costi came up with the triptych approach to the three covers after a discussion about the story arc of the protagonist Rhea Hawke (a determined but troubled Galactic Guardian tasked with solving the mysterious massacre of an entire spiritual sect). Rhea Hawke is a complex character. Her journey of self-discovery and her three-stage evolution is reflected eloquently in Costi's  cover art and design of the trilogy. What more could a writer ask for? I am honoured by his work.

Look for more of Costi's work in Books 2 and 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy. They are scheduled for release by Starfire in fall/winter of 2012 (Inner Diverse) and spring 2013 (Metaverse).

Monday, August 6, 2012

Writing in Sync

“At the heart of the universe is a steady, insistent beat: the sound of cycles in sync,” says Steven Strogatz in the opening to his compelling book, Sync: the emerging science of spontaneous order. He then describes how every night along the tidal rivers of Malaysia, thousands of fireflies congregate in the mangroves and flash in unison, without any leader or cue from the environment. “Even our bodies are symphonies of rhythm, kept alive by the relentless, coordinated firing of thousands of pacemaker cells in our hearts...almost as if nature has an eerie yearning for order,” adds Strogatz. The tendency to synchronize pervades the universe, from atoms to animals, and people to planets.

To be in sync is to intuitively connect (which is what spontaneous order is) and “know”… Each of you has felt that “knowing”: that otherworldly, euphoric wave of resonating with something that is more than the visible world: when the hairs on the back of your neck tingle as you write that significant scene or trembling with giddy energy as you create that perfect line on a painting … or glowing with a deep abiding warmth when you defend a principle … or the surging frisson you share with fellow musicians on that exquisite set piece …

These are all what I call God moments. And they don’t happen by chasing after them; they sneak up on us when we’re not looking. They come to us when we focus outward and embrace our wonder for this world. When we quiet our minds and nurture our souls with beauty. It is then that what we had been seeking naturally comes to us. Like a gift.

It’s the blue pill to a new world of synchrony.

This teaches us above all else that we are all journeying together and part of something greater.

I want to share with you my own experience of synchronicity in art. When I’m working on a story, I find that events, opportunities, actions and resources directly germane to my project present themselves: watching an applicable movie that a friend chose for us to see; picking up a newspaper (which I seldom do) and reading a relevant article; looking for something on the internet and finding something totally different (ok; that happens to me all the time); a friend out of the blue introduces a pertinent topic, or someone you haven’t seen in a long time bumps into you with significant news. As though the universe was providing me with what I needed. Well, maybe it was! Of course, my mind was focused on anything to do with my current piece. It was as though I had donned a concentrating filter, one that would amplify relevant details. I’ll go further: I was unconsciously acting in a way that was bringing me more information relevant to my project. Ask and you shall receive. 

Jake Kotze says it this way: “Synchronicity happens when we notice the bleed-through from one seemingly separate thing into another—or when we for a brief moment move beyond the mind’s divisions of the world.” Swiss psychologist Carl Jung introduced synchrony in the 1920s as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” The idea of seemingly unrelated events intersecting to produce meaningful patterns has spawned new notions of thought from the scientific study of spontaneous order in the universe (synchrony), to Synchromysticism — the discovery of convergent archetypal symbols in pop culture (e.g., books, music and film). Author Sibyl Hunter tells us that “Sync operates as an undercurrent of divine awareness personified through the myriad processes and symbols that make up the building blocks of our reality. Within that current, we spin our modern-day myths into books, fairy tales and movies, subconsciously retelling ourselves the same story over and over.”

As the myth builders of today, authors tap in to the synchronicity of ancient story, of resonating archetypes and metaphor and the “mythic journey”. To write in sync.

Joseph Campbell reminds us that, "Anyone writing a creative work knows that you yield yourself, and the book talks to you and builds itself ... you become the carrier of something that is given to you from the Muses or God. What the shaman or seer [or artist] brings forth is something that is waiting to be brought forth in everyone.” It’s sync in action.