Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nina Munteanu Reads at Chapters Richport July 26th

Join me at Chapters Richport (in Richmond, BC) for a reading and discussion of my historical fantasy The Last Summoner. I'll be joined by two other BC authors on July 26th from 5 to  8:30 pm in the Chapters store on Ackroyd Rd.

I tried to find out who the other two authors were but Chapters staff remained mysterious...OMG! Maybe one of them is William Gibson!

Or Robert J. Sawyer (he's from BC, isn't he?...I know, I know... but I see him here often enough! He's probably secretly Doctor Who #12 and uses his Tardis to skip the rush-hour crowd on the 401...Ok, 'fess up, Rob...)


Come and grab a Starbucks coffee or chai and join us for diverting discussion and some cool readings.
The Next Doctor Who? (Dr. Who #12)

I'll be reading from my historical fantasy The Last Summoner (Starfire). It's a medieval time travel tale that spans 600 years from Medieval Poland to present-day Paris. The story follows Baroness Vivianne Schoen, who discovers she can alter history--and she doesn't even have a Tardis! Alas, she's branded a witch and must flee through a time-space tear. Now in an alternate France ruled by Teutonic Knights, she must decide how to remake history.

Nina's Book Tour:

The Chapters reading and signing in Metro Vancouver is part of my tour, which began in Toronto about a month ago (Chapters-Indigo in Yorkdale Mall and Markham) and will include Calgary, Alberta August 8th at 7pm and 9th from noon-4pm (Sentry Box and Chapters Chinook Centre, respectively) where I'll be giving some workshops and participating in panels and readings at the Aurora Award-winning writing conference "When Words Collide".

I'll be joined by Dawn Harvey at Sentry Box and Chapters in Calgary. Dawn is an awesome voice artist and will be reading from the newly released Iambik audiobook Inner Diverse, the second book of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, and from The Last Summoner.


Darlene said...

Good luck with your reading Nina. The new book sounds fabulous!

Nina Munteanu said...

Thanks, Darlene!

Looking forward to meeting people at Chapters Richmond.

The book's doing well (was a Canadian Amazon bestseller for a few months--WOOT!) and is particularly popular with the Polish community--it features the most important battle in their history: the Battle of Grunwald between the Teutonic Knights and the Polish and Lithuanians.

Darlene said...

Sounds like a great read. I must pick up a copy.

Nina Munteanu said...

Hi Darlene,

If you can't find it in the bookstore, let me know ... I can always get a copy for you too. Having said that, it is in all Amazon stores throughout North America and Europe, Chapters, Barnes & Noble and several smaller independent bookstores too