Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Writer's Toolkit Workshop with Nina Munteanu

I'm giving the first of a series of writing workshops this coming Saturday, November 23rd 2013 from 6 pm to 8 pm in The Beaches, Toronto.

The Writer's Toolkit Workshop:

Every writer requires some necessary items in his/her toolkit to get published. This workshop introduces and discusses the most common challenges faced by writers serious about getting published. Areas covered include:

  • getting started
  • dealing with time management & writer’s block
  • getting those ideas down and making a story out of them
  • focusing and maintaining the staying power to finish
  • incorporating all the elements of good storytelling like plot, character, theme and setting into a seamless story
  • making your writing compelling, clear and exciting
  • doing research and editing
  • marketing, synopses & outlines, query letters
  • overcoming fear (of failure, of success, of everything)

Cost is $30 and includes one of my writing guidebooks (valued at $27.95). Seating is limited so either register in advance or come early, buy one of Wunderland's excellent European-style coffees and grab a seat in the cafe.

Writers in Wunderland...

The Writer's Toolkit is the first of a series of monthly writing workshops I will be giving starting January 2014. You can register for any of them in advance once the schedule is finalized in early January.

Nina Munteanu is an ecologist and internationally published author of novels, short stories and essays. She coaches writers and teaches writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. For more about Nina’s coaching & workshops visit Visit for more about her writing.

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