Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year--2008

As 2007 drew to a close I found myself reviewing all the amazing things that have happened. 2007 was a spectacular year…a year of many incredible, wonderful and exciting firsts…I also found myself thankful for so many things I still have. Among them are:

  • A body that still wants to run and jump (sometimes!) — well, it did last time I checked ...though I can’t remember when that was…

  • The warmth of my purring male cat, Sammy, on my lap… when he was a kitten he hid things and drove us wild; he STILL hides things but these days I can’t remember what they are so it doesn’t matter…

  • A husband who likes to snuggle with me by the fire and talk…

  • A son who is wise, happy and funny…

  • A safe and supportive community where I live and an environment that is relatively clean and well looked after…

  • Family and friends like you who remind me that peace and love and hope exist everywhere on this beloved planet of ours…

I was blessed this year with a childhood dream-come-true: my book, “Darwin’s Paradox” by Dragon Moon Press (a science fiction eco-thriller set in Canada) is now on the shelves of every Chapters-Indigo-Coles bookstore in Canada (as well as at Amazon.com/ Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powell's Books, Target.com, Buy.com, Indigocafe, in the United States and bookstores throughout the world including the UK (Blackwell Online; Amazon.co.uk), New Zealand (Fishpond), Denmark (Saxo), Germany, Japan and France. I was pleased to see several independent Canadian bookstores pick up my book as well, including Bakka Books (Toronto), Blackbond Books, Albany Books & White Dwarf Books (Vancouver), The Sentry Box and McNally Robinson (Calgary). And—guess what?.. People are actually buying my book!!!

This past May I started a little blog called “The Alien Next Door” and soon after joined two excellent blogging communities, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. This little act eight months ago has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Firstly, I was warmly welcomed by the blogging community. I met so many wonderful people from all around the world; some of whom I can count as being my very best friends... It is both amazing and wonderful to be able to say this. What I’m saying is that the community with whom I best connect is YOU: my international blogging community, made up of intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful and considerate people. You provide me with such a wonderful sense of connection to this planet Earth. I am so very grateful to you for making my experience here, on the blogosphere of Earth, such a fulfilling and rich journey. You made my year. I shall remember 2007 as my first blogging year, the year I found my international community and another “home”.

I want to repeat a quote from my good friend, Mel, at Monday Morning Power (see this previous post of mine), who said this about blogging friendships:

"There is something very special and unique about blogging friendships. In “real” life we all have to first get by the physical and superficial aspects of each other before we can get into who we are, really. In “real” life there is so much bull shit that we have to put up with, that sometimes developing true friends becomes very difficult. I feel that with blogging friendships there are no superficial aspects to it; the barriers do not exist. We open up in our writings as to who we really are. We bare ourselves and say “this is me.” For many of us this is the only way that we can truly express ourselves, our opinions, our strengths and our fears. I have also discovered a level of INTEGRITY amongst bloggers that I have not found in “real” life." Like Mel, I began my blog with the intention of showcasing my work; what I found was a community and friends with whom I could interact at a level I have not easily found among my physical community.

Here are some of the most incredible people (all passionate bloggers of excellence) that I have the pleasure and honor to call my very good friends (this list repeats and adds to my previous list posted here). These bloggers have given me their precious time by commenting on my posts with insightful and—at times—challenging remarks; they have invited me into their lives; shared their stories with me; provided me with kind advice; bestowed upon me awards and other acts of kindness; laughed at my bad jokes; loyally attended my blog and followed my journey; and even showed their concern when I faltered. These bloggers all embrace impeccable traits that I myself strive to achieve, including: honor; generosity; honesty; kindness; courage; compassion; intelligence; humility; and grace. You honor me with your friendship and I so cherish it:

Karen (Nameless Grace)...for your generous spirit, wisdom and impeccable grace (and for always correcting my spelling! But mostly for your love and faith in me) …you grace the Blogosphere with your beautiful soul, lighting it with your blazing passion and faith…

Jean-Luc (The Federation)...for your steadfast loyalty, humor and gentle spirit... (and being so SEXY)…you warm the Blogosphere with your kindness and make it a friendly place…

Tricia (Modern Matriarch)...for your justice, diligence and wise spirit (and clever mind...you make me think)… you inspire the Blogosphere… and me!

WalksFarWoman (Kissing the Dogwood)...for your compassion and kind wisdom (and wonderful sense of humor...you make me—and the Blogosphere—smile and feel good)…Please come back….we need you…

Bob (Somerset Bob's Place)...for your honor and integrity (and all those drinks and quirky vids you send me on Facebook. Keep ‘em coming!)…you make the Blogosphere a better place…

Deborah (Climate of our Future)...for your compassion and indomitable spirit (and ALL those MEMEs...geez! You know I love 'em! ... :) Your enduring efforts on behalf of our beloved planet Earth are commendable…you make the Blogosphere a just place…

Adria (In Cing)...for your joy and clarity and generous spirit (and endless enthusiasm)…you light up the Blogosphere…

Erik (AuthorsDen)...for your incredible sincerity and thoughtful mind (and stubbornness! I love our discussions! You keep me honest and I hope you keep doing so...) I so admire your honesty and genuine spirit…You make the Blogosphere an honest place…

Theresa Lucas (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog)...for your impeccable mind and generous spirit (and warped sense of humor!)

Mel (Monday Morning Power)...for your positive attitude and wise compassion (and rather twisted sense of humor!)

Josh (Cubicle Denizon) ... for your compassionate and wonderful sense of humor (and even more twisted sense of humor...check out his animated blog! :)... and for being there from the beginning... Thanks!

Jennifer (Random Synaptic Transfers)...for your kind and loyal friendship (and warped sense of humor...wait...there's a weird trend happening here...WARP NINE, MR. SPOCK!)

Virginia (Sumptuosity)...for your selfless kindness and generosity (and all those beers we slugged back...and will slug back in the future! You slugger, you! Can’t wait until World Con in 2008! You, me and Boba Fett, Virginia!)

Lynda (Reality Skimming)...for your sincere and down-to-earth goodness (and your crazy wonderful laugh; be seeing you at the World Con bar too!)

Princess Haiku (Princess Haiku)...for your poetic wisdom, beautiful spirit (and astute calmness)

Melanie (A Quiet Symphony)...for your beautiful words and gentle thoughts (and REALLY twisted sense of humor!)

Jon (Chimeric Day Dreams)...for your gentle wisdom and beautiful mind (and beautiful everything.)

Heather (Footsteps)...for your kind spirit (and your incredible voice!...Hey, maybe we should do an audio book...oh, we ARE? GREAT!)

Manchild (When Least Expected) your compassion and wise spirit (and very cool quotes!)

Drowsey Monkey (Drowsey Monkey)…for your beautiful spirit, humor and humility (and your awesome pics!)

Then there are the bloggers who welcomed me so long ago, when I first began blogging. Bloggers who offered me kind advice as my blog clunked along on its new wobbly legs eight months ago. Bloggers who have provided—and still do—comments and words of encouragement, challenges and amazing humor on my posts. People like:
Kathleen Mather
Spacer guy
Francis S
David Hodges
David Bradley
Theresa Hall
W for Wonder
Steven Tennant
Peggy Kolm
Mark Dykeman
Bob Johnson
Your Translator
Speed Cat
Ric Vil Hori


If you aren’t on this list and think you should be here, then know that in my heart you are…and it’s just my mind failing me (as it is wont to do from time to time—just to remind me that I’m human—er—a human-like alien, that is…). I'm so looking forward to meeting more bloggers out there in 2008, making friends with you and having my life enriched by my interactions with you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be a great one. I wish you health, incredible moments of happiness, genuine contentedness and a passionate 2008.


DrowseyMonkey said...

Thanks so much for the mention that was very sweet of you! :) I really enjoy your blog and it sounds like you've had an amazing year!!! Congratulations on the book...that is truly amazing! I'm going to look for it next time I'm in Chapters...and if someone is near by I'm going to say...hey...I know her! :) (Well...I'll buy a copy too of course!!)

Paul said...

Happy New Year, Nina! I wish you health, happiness, and love.

sfgirl said...

Thank you Drowsey Monkey! You are truly sweet! And I hope you find your monkey...

Happy New Year to you too, Paul! Thanks for the wonderful wishes.

Nick Phillips said...

Hi there. Just dropping a note to wish you nothing but the very best for 2008 :D Sorry I haven't been here in a while though ...

Monday Morning Power said...

This must have taken you a long time to write. It is beautiful and, obviously, heart-felt. Thank you for the mention and the quote.

Happy New Year.....talking about 2008, you have been tagged to participate in a fun New Year's Resolution game. http://mondaymorningpower.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-years-resolution-or-not.html

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a pleasure to be on this hallowed list, Nina.

You have certainly had quite a year! I'm so glad that you joined the blogasphere. It made us such close friends!

It goes without saying that this is a Quality Post! Happy New Year!

sfgirl said...

Oh, Nick! Nice to see you again! We've had some good conversations in the past and I am looking forward to more of them
Mel: what can I say?... You rascal! Thanks for the well wishes and the very best to you too for 2008. It will be a wonderful year. And how did you know that I just LOVE memes? Thanks! Will enjoy this one!
Jean-Luc, my special friend...wishing you and your family the very best in 2008 and looking forward to many more conversations and fun on Facebook!

adpurple said...

Best wishes for the new year, Nina.

SQT said...

Happy New Year! I hope your book continues to sell exceptionally well into 2008 (and beyond)!

Mark Dykeman said...

Hi Nina. Thanks for the mention! I hope you'll be keeping up with my regular posting at http://broadcasting-brain.com as well as my blog for introverts!

Happy New Year,

Mark Dykeman

sfgirl said...

Thanks, Adam! The very best to you and yours too!
SQT: Thanks for your awesome wishes! May you be right! :)
Mark: I won't forget... I really AM introverted, you know... deep down inside, I am...

jon said...

Nina, I am always grateful for your kind and giving spirit. I have enjoyed getting to know you in 2007. I wish you all the success with your book and I look forward to your offerings in 2008! :)

sfgirl said...

Thank you, Jon. I also look forward to more of your insightful wisdom this year

Karen said...


It is I who was honored to meet you and to fly alongside on your journey...

2007 was an incredible year, culminating in the launch of your first major novel. The fulfillment of a life-long dream, I dare say!

The integrity and honor that you showed to the blogging community is what I will remember most, Nina...

Looking forward to a great '08!

Jennifer Rahn said...

Cheers, Nina. And Happy New Year.

sfgirl said...

Karen, dear Karen! Thank you for everything...Yes, 2008 will be a great year, indeed!

Jennifer, thanks for the well wishes. I wish you the same: health, happiness and prosperity!

Somerset Bob said...

Hey Nina,

I'm honoured to be included in your list of friendly bloggers! Like you, I started my blog in the spring of 2007, ostensibly to provide a place to express myself through my fictional writing (though I found myself writing topical items on climate disruption instead), and I too was delighted to find an intelligent, sociable, interesting audience of bloggers and blog readers "out there" - people with whom I feel a real affinity. People like you! :)

I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope it's an exciting 2008 for you. Once I've got my major house refurbishments out of the way (my office/studio is currently undergoing a complete refit, and it's this disruption that's prevented me from blogging more frequently than I'd like at present), my New Year resolution is to knuckle down and get on with writing some fiction - you, your blog and your marvellous "Darwin's Paradox" have all greatly inspired me.

Let's hope the climate stays stable long enough for me to achieve my aim of becoming a reasonable science-fiction writer!

sfgirl said...

I hope so,too,Bob! I so look forward to reading more of your fiction. I wish you an incredible and productive 2008!

Taong Bundok said...

I know is is VERY late already but let me thank you for including me in your list. I have not written on my blog for sometime and it's only now that I am catching up with my favorite blogs such as yours. Have a nice day, Nina!