Friday, December 12, 2008

The Poetry of Anand Bora: “The Road That Was”

Every second in life is important as it lays the foundation for cherishing the next one—Anand Bora

For my Friday Feature, I am once again delighted and honored to feature today the compelling and thought provoking work of a fellow artist, this time, a poet: Anand Bora (see his bio after his poem). I had the pleasure of meeting Anand, a fellow blogger, through MyBlogLog. We got to talking about art and writing and he showed me some of his sketches—HAHA! Not what you think! Mostly 2-d and 3-d art. I thought it stunning, colorful and alive. Says Anand: “I feel colors…I don’t see them. I see feelings…I don’t color them.” He is currently making paintings based on mathematics. “Honestly, it is fun,” says Anand, who finds ambigrams very interesting. He can handle the mouse like a pen or pencil.

Then Anand showed me his poetry. I was moved.

Anand’s philosophy and art is revealed in the tag line of his emails, where he quotes Pablo Picasso: “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” This is all the more interesting when you realize that he is a computer engineer with a software company.
Please leave a comment for Anand. And if you like his poetry, feel free to Stumble this page. If you dig it, well, Digg it! Here’s one of Anand’s poems:

The Road That Was

The Road that was—
Beside my home
Leading to a avenue..a highway
Unchanged through the test of time,
Witnessing me grow up day by day.

The Road that was—
Stubborn, hard, and tough,
Giving me 'unforgettable wounds' of algedonic nature;
My limbs and senses were on the receiving end,
Gradually learning, I grew up in stature.

The Road that was—
The home of helpless vendors,'essential' shops and discordant traffic
Calling me for my daily needs
Inducing innumerous visits..Uff..
'A Pandora's Box' were my deeds.

The Road that was—
Cheering, jubilating and celebrating
The times of festival well spent,
Midst aroma of delicacy, cuisine and fun;
Oh! Where the times of joy and ecstasy went.

The Road that was—
Loving and Caring
Parents, guardians, neighbours and the pedagogue,
Nostalgia of affections haunts my memories;
Melancholy? Those days have turned into a prologue.

The Road that was—
My playground in cool summer evenings
Elation became the order of the day;
Friends, fun, furor, fantasy
Independent I was like the sun's ray.

The Road that was—
Crying, sobbing and sad;
My departure was on the cards,
It was pleading, pacifying, requesting to stay.
Though heartbroken, I left the cobbled yards.

Anand Bora is a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science and works for a telecom software company in India. He has admittedly had an undulating academic career but it is decent enough (due to unfavorable circumstances of life). Anand considers himself an avid learner . “By the grace of God, I don't have problems learning anything,” says Bora. “I guess the greatest gift which God has given me is Creativity. I have used my creativity [in] various fields of study but I have never used it to make money. Maybe, the real sense of creativity lies in making yourself and [other] people happy.” To read more of Anand’s poetry and see his artwork, go to:; and,


Jean-Luc Picard said...

He sounds like a real poet, Nina. Thanks for highlighting his work.

SF Girl said...

You're welcome, Jean-Luc. Poetry is something I am still learning to write and I have high respect for those who write it well. It is a form that is both spare and deep. A seeming paradox ... :) like all good and worthwhile things...

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SF Girl said...

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toni said...


SF Girl said...

Glad you like it, Toni! I'll pass on your comment to Anand. Thanks again!