Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ugg Boots for Christmas!

Ugg Boots are a fashionable and comfy boot made out of sheepskin and worn by men and women ... and celebrities. Oh, and they’re very cute! So, when Sarah at Whooga Boots (Australian owned and operated) approached me to talk about them, I was happy to. In fact, Whooga Boots is the first product line to be featured and appear in my new listing for “Eco-Friendly” products (see sidebar). For instance, Whooga Ugg Boots are made with merino sheepskin, which has a finer grade of fibres for a superior comfort and feel. Whooga assures me that they use a chrome-free tanning method, which is less harsh on the environment and, along with the benefits of being biodegradable and recyclable, are easier on people with sensitive skin. Their packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Did you know that Ugg Boots are natural insulators? “Natural sheepskin is the most thermostatic material in the world, capable of warming your feet in temperatures well below freezing,” says Whooga. Ugg Boots constantly circulate air and keep your feet at a comfortable 22 degrees (Centigrade, that is). Whooga’s thicker sheepskin offers greater insulation, comfort and strength. They hand stitch each pair too!

Did you also know that Ugg Boots can improve the health of your feet? The ThermoFleece sheepskin contains lanolin, which acts as a natural moisturizer and promotes blood circulation. Bonus.

Also, did you know that Ugg Boots are excellent footwear for both winter and summer? This is because of the air-conditioning properties of the boot’s sheepskin; it works both ways—heating your foot in the winter and cooling it in the summer.

Sarah-Jean Ballard of “The Fashionable” discusses the “fashion sense” of Uggs far better than I can, so I turn it over to her:

Fashion Sense Tips:
1. Buy Uggs in neutral colors, such as chestnut or brown. That way, you can easily wear them with any outfit. Makes sense to me too. Hot pink just doesn’t go with my jeans… or does it?
2. Wear Uggs with shorts. They usually look the best with jean shorts that are above the knee but you could experiment with different kind of shorts, such as unique patterns, bright colors, or maybe different kind of materials. Ok… I have my shorts; now where are my Uggs?
3. Tuck your jeans into your boots. A very cute “wintery” outfit is to wear jeans tucked into Uggs with a light or dark colored shirt (like white or red), along with a woolen jacket, scarf, or hat. Hmmm…..I like that.
4. Wear it with skirts too! Uggs look great with almost any skirt that is above the knee and in some cases, below the knee, but above the ankle. It really depends on what color ugg boots you have. Obviously, says Sarah-Jean “you should not wear a lime green skirt with purple uggs.” Obviously…(ugh)…
5. Try wearing them with more of a wide-legged jean. roll the jean up a little bit and put it over the boot. Works!

Cool Things to Know:
• The benefit of wearing Ugg Boots is that you don’t need to wear socks with them, even in cold weather as they are warm inside. However, wearing socks prevents damage to the fur inside the shoe. Then again, wearing thicker socks (ones designed for hiking, skiing, or general winter wear) may damage the insides of your Uggs.
• When wearing Uggs with a skirt in colder seasons try pairing them with knee socks with a pretty design along the top.

Things to Think About:
• Avoid wearing Uggs in muddy or wet conditions. Although ugg boots are naturally water resistant, the leathers are slightly porous. Treating them with scotch guard and other leather water repellents can help
• Never put Ugg boots in the washing machine, as this can damage them
• Ugg boots can smell if they’re not left to dry properly after being wet (ugh!)
• Because the scent of leather is appealing to animals, certain dogs particularly, watch out where you leave your uggs. Whooga reports that they often receive enquiries asking to buy a single ugg boot because a pet destroyed one! (Look out, Anne!)
• Some guys hate seeing Ugg boots on their girlfriends
• Some girls hate seeing Ugg boots on their boyfriends

Whooga told me they have a special offer for “The Alien Next Door” readers (that’s YOU). You get a $20 credit on any purchase at Whooga if you enter “86sfgirl” into the gift card section of their website. Whooga ships worldwide to all countries.
Hmmm...just in time for Christmas, I’m thinking.


Anonymous said...

The weirdest things I saw in September were teenage girls in the supermarket, spindly legs terminating in a formless mass where their feet should be. And yes, they were usually wearing shorts. Putting the Ugh in Ugg.

Sound like slippers on steroids - uber comfortable and cozy on the feet.

Haven't seen them much since the heavy rains set in here on the Wet Coast.

But I can personally vouch for the wonders of wool: Keeps you warm even when wet. Spent a night on a mountain in the winter in the snow and rain (on purpose). Wool versus Denim - Wool WINS!!! Those of us in wool kept warm, the fools in denim had mild hypothermia.

The boots remind of that other apex of 70's fashion / function - The Moon Boot. They didn't stick around too long. - Made a bit of a come back when Napolean Dyanamite came out.

Best of Luck to Wooga.

The Grande Frommage

SF Girl said...

Slippers on steroids! HA! I love it and I WANNA PAIR! LOL!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm sure Ugg boots will be looked at as rather peculier in years to come.

Sent you an important e mail regarrding your address. It's on FB as well.

SF Girl said...

HAHA! Maybe, Jean-Luc... judging from Frommage's comment there are some who consider them peculiar NOW!... I personally think they may become a classic, given they are so practical, warm and soft and comfy... and cute! LOL!

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Patrice Palmer said...

I love my Ugg boots - have 3 pairs, one of which is 15 years old and going strong. I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

SF Girl said...

Thank you, Patrice! I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous New Year. I see wonderful things for 2010... :)

ugg boots said...

Fantastic collection of UGG boots. As Ugg is available in various sizes, styles, colors, and fabric, it offers the broadest platform to its customers.


SF Girl said...

Thanks, Ugg! You have a great product, indeed...

Tara said...

Now many people don't like uggs. But personally i feel they keep your feet very warm and they are very comfortable.

Andy said...

I feel like uggs are the best thing since sliced bread...love, love love them :)