Friday, October 26, 2007

A Quiet Symphony—Friday Feature + meme

For today’s Friday Feature, I present Melanie Faith’s charming blog, A Quiet Symphony… If you quiet your mind for a moment, you can just hear it too…

Quotes Melanie on her opening page, “Many silent years are spent searching for the right notes—the right conductor to illustrate the song inside our hearts… A quiet symphony is of’t overheard; overpowered by the loudness of life and the busyness of stillborn ears.”

If you check out her site on MyBlogLog, she describes her blog like this: random stuff, life, writing, marriage, spirituality, friendship, food, animals--and everything in between. That's quite a lot when you think about it... Her tags are equally eclectic, quirky and humorous. Among some meaningful ones like “spirituality”, “writing”, “friends”, “kids” and “animé” (something she betrays a strong interest in—dare I whisper, obsession for?), she adds “funny” and “stuff”.

Upon alighting on her site, you are first embraced with classical music—quiet, elegant and unassuming like the author. Treating her sidebar like a fireplace mantle, Mel unabashedly displays what she holds dear: like her rather fat cats (well, they are, Mel!), her son, husband, family and close friends. So, what kind of “stuff” does this lady, who admits that one of her main interests is daydreaming, put on there? Well, a random visit and scroll down her blog might provide you with a delightfully varied sprinkling of eclectic topics that include:

  • reviews of movies, books and, of course, animé (good animé, I might add);

  • some quirky tidbit of information, puzzles, quotes and silly photos;

  • news clippings, often with some strange twisted truth or humor in it;

  • issues that resonate with the author’s sensibilities and philosophy; and,

  • always something both personal and tender.

On her “esnips” site, Melanie displayed a kind of creedo and it went like this: “the three most essential ingredients to a successful life are Love, Faith, and Passion.” WOW! That is a remarkably wonderful tenet to live by.

A Quiet Symphony, was a truly delightful find for me and when I “stumbled” it, I was thanked by fellow stumblers for bringing this charming site to their attention. So, keep on writing and blogging, Mel! And the rest of you, go check it out. ‘Nuff said.

I should just add that Melanie also authors another blog, devoted to writing and poetry, called Amberwood Ambrosia. As with Quiet Symphony, the tag line of Amberwood Ambrosia resonates with deeper tones of poetic truth: Amberwood: the place where every emotional gamut comes to surface—the roulette game of a chanced heart singing out its own distinct voice. Here, time is still, allowing the sun to break the dawn. Here we are ourselves, and in such honesty, give allowance to be broken so that we can become who we are meant to be. That says it all, as far as I’m concerned.

Recently, Melanie, having been tagged by miss Marjie, tagged me with what she called the “Desktop Analysis Meme”: What's the look of your computer personality? Her response was, “I have no idea what this means about me... but it's probably a lot of embarrassing, nerdy things. Oh, well!” then went on to post her desktop, which was—you guessed—some animé scene. Well, here’s mine:

So, what does it say about me? Well, that I’m Canadian and proud of all matters Canadian, including our spectacular and mysterious Aurora Borealis, that I’m a naturalist and scientist fascinated and inquisitively asking questions about how our planet works, but also an artist and spiritualist who’s also content not to know it all… Or is it simply that I am fascinated by swirly things and love the colour green?...

I pass on the screen-capture meme to the following: Princess Haiku; David, sjsuarez, Zia, wforwonder, Joshua, and Deborah.


Anonymous said...

Nina you sly one you...I loved your post.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Melanie's blog looks like it's one worth visiting.

I like your desktop image, Nina. Have you seen mine? It was in a TWQ recently, showing a lovely picture of Nicole Kidman.

Shawn said...


Thanks for the great post. Being relatively new to blogging, I relish finding out about other interesting sites. I'm currently working with Dawud Miracle, who is teaching me some of the ropes and he is always reinforcing "It's about creating relationships."

I so enjoy experiencing some of your many must be a Renaissance Woman!

Thanks for the new sites to visit and the desktop meme. Those aurora borealis photos always take my breath away. I'd show you mine, but I don't know how! (newbie, newbie) It's a beautiful pink lotus.

Shawn Murphey, Inner Peace Activist

Melanie Faith said...

Oh, my... *cheeks flushed into a humble shade of rose* It's always intriguing to hear outside evaluations. Thank you so much for all the kind acclaims. I'm honored! ^_^ Even more honored that in the mention of my overweight kitties (yes, it's true--I like 'em chunky, lol) you did not include reference to my own paralleled figure. Ha! Very gracious of you, indeed.

On less narcissistic note--WOW, I love your desktop pic! Very nice indeed. You are a dreamer--and you see things in different shades of colors than most which allows you to experience life in rare altitude.

...That's my take any way. Very intriguing, mysterious, and calming all at once.

sfgirl said...

WOW, Mel! Thanks! That's quite an assessment...I shall ponder it. I quite like it... "intriguing, mysterious and calming at once"...

sfgirl said...

Now, Jean-Luc...why is it that I'm not surprised by YOUR desktop?... :D

And Shawn...Renaissance woman?! :) I try... thanks for your kind comments.

And Zephyr01...can't wait to see your desktop, girl!

Angela said...

I really love the aurora! At the time being,the closest experience I've had was the National Geographic :( Anyways,I love your desktop wallpaper!

sfgirl said...

Thanks, Angela! It is indeed an incredible phenomenon, isn't it?