Friday, July 20, 2007

Climate of Our Future

My Friday Feature today is a wonderful blog called Climate of Our Future: a discussion on climate change. Why am I featuring this blog? Yes, there certainly are many blogs out there devoted to environmental causes and to climate change, particularly. I really like this site for several reasons.

First, let me introduce you to the mandate of the blog: " Climate of Our Future is a blog meant to open a discussion of global climate change by providing articles, resources and opinions that provoke our readers to thought and action. We’ll attempt to describe how our world’s climate is changing, what’s causing it, and how we can correct it.

Although the discussion of climate change and its manmade causes can be controversial, we can all agree that it’s important to do everything we can to safeguard our environment and its natural resources. Toward that end we’ll also be providing links to information that will allow us to reinvent ourselves as a more sustainable society

Maintained by Deborah (founder) and Francis (contributor and webdesigner), this site blazes with a passionate devotion to better our world and help us to understand planetary issues as they relate to us both globally and personally. Deborah and Francis accomplish this daunting task by using a variety of sources, material and opinion. These include the incredible gamut from the original poetry of Jolene Siah to the use of lobby group and conservation organization news releases (e.g., Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, WWF, Ocean Conservancy) to magazine articles, press releases and articles and finally to opinion pieces by guest bloggers such as Florida Weather Info Lady.

Speaking of the personal connection and individual innovation (a hallmark of human ingenuity), one of my favorite posts is this one, in which a Chinese farmer has fashioned a solar panel using beer bottles to provide his mother with a warm bath every day.
So, what is it that I really like about this site? The posts are thoughtfully chosen and written. If they are quoted, the writers are careful to include the source (a must in this area of controversy). Deborah and Francis don't waste time "proving" the issues of global warming by entering into ridiculous argument of validation. They just go about their reporting, looking at problems to solve, issues to highlight and personal stories of victory to tell. I like that. I like that a lot.
I'm a scientist and both I and my scientific community has been convinced by irrecontravertible evidence since the past twenty years of "global warming"... Okay, the picture is naughty, but I like it! But, seriously, instead of arguing whether it is occurring or even who or what is to blame, let's get on with the business at hand: doing something about it. I leave you with Deborah's testimony:

Says Deborah: "I am very passionate about our environment. Growing up and spending most of my life in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has given me a deep respect for nature. I have seen many changes to the local climate over the years. There is smog now coming up from the valley poisoning the flora and fauna. This is why I started the blog, to raise awareness. Some say it’s too late to change anything now. I disagree, there is still so much we can do."

I agree, Deborah. Just don't stop...


Anonymous said...

How incredible it is to be featured by such a gifted writer. Nina thank-you. I will never stop, fighting for our climate is first and foremost in my heart.

Anonymous said...
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Peggy said...

Thanks for the link. That looks like a great site. (I also love the underwear "graph.")

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a wonderful article, Nina. I'm glad to you on my list of blogfriends.

Loved the underwear graph.