Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger!

...Oops, I missed my Friday Feature yesterday (I was caught in a high velocity windstorm out by the HD189733 system and didn't make it back until today. But...when I got back, I was surprised by this cool very pink thing! So, hey, I'm just a rockin' SF Girl! Thanks, Zephyr1 (definitely a rockin' girl herself) at Climate of our Future for tagging me with this cool award. I immediately thought of several awesome girl bloggers and found that they'd already had bestowed upon them this neon pink badge of coolness. But I'm going to link to them anyway, because you may wish to visit their rockin' sites :)

They include:
  • Theresa (Sqt), whose site Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog is the coolest (I may be a little biased, given my love for space travel and such);
  • Adria (in cinq), whose poetry/photo project continues to inspire so many of us
  • W for Wonder, another rockin' site on subjects I love
  • Walks Far Woman, whose idea for a blog and insightful thoughts I find compelling
Well, you gals already have this pink badge emblazoned on your site. So, here are five rockin' girl bloggers I have tagged with this award:
  • Orbitgal's site is devoted to wonderful self-expression, thoughtful ideas and photos that sparkle with feminine energy
  • Peggy K's two blogs (e.g., Biology in Science Fiction and Women in Science) rock with strong girl power that linger in our thoughts like a rich dark coffee
  • Jennifer Rahn's generous nature and creative sense of humor characterize her blog, Random Synaptic Transfers, with an aluring female energy
  • Tricia's The Modern Matriarch is an incredible distaff reflection of the world that surges with female lightening--uplifting and challenging
  • Karen Mason's exuberance and selfless devotion in creating and maintaining a site dedicated to my next book, Darwin's Paradox merits special mention for the female trait of giving. Thank you, Karen; you're a rockin' girl blogger!

Congratulations, Rockin' Gals!


Orbitgal said...

Wow! What an honor! Rockin Girl Blogger! Thank you so much! I wear the badge with pride!

Jennifer Rahn said...

Thanks Nina!

Rock on fellow Girl Blogger.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done, Nina! You're a deserved Rockin' Girl!

Modern Matriarch said...

Thank you for the honor Nina. I sincerely hope my content can rise to the level of your accolades.

Peggy said...

Thanks Nina, both for the honor and for the links to other cool blogs!

sfgirl said...

You're all so welcome and so deserving! :D You too, Jean-Luc! I always thought you were one man who was so in touch with his feminine side... :)

SQT said...

Thank you so much. It's always nice to be appreciated. :)