Friday, June 5, 2015

Submission Call for "My Canada" Anthology

IOWI has sent out a submission call for its anthology "My Canada", an anthology devoted to stories, poems, articles and images about Canada.

Deadline: July 30th... EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31st
Submission Guidelines: see the IOWI site
Chief Submission Editor: Nina Munteanu
Contribution Fee: $113; only those accepted for publication are expected to pay the fee, which covers the cost of 10 copies of the anthology.

"My Canada" Anthology

Canada is a vast country of diverse and exciting history, a climate and environment that spans from the boreal forests of the Canadian Shield, muskegs of northern BC, and tundras of the Arctic Circle to the grasslands of the Prairies and southern woodlands of Ontario and Quebec. 
We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with the 8thhighest per capita income globally, and the 8th highest ranking in the Human Development Index. Canada ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It stands among the world's most educated countries—ranking first worldwide in the number of adults having tertiary education with 51% of adults holding at least an undergraduate college or university degree. With two official languages, Canada has a thriving Aboriginal population and practices an open cultural pluralism, creating a cultural mosaic of racial, religious and cultural practices.  
Canada’s symbols are influenced by natural, historical and Aboriginal sources. Prominent symbols include the maple leaf, the beaver, Canada Goose, Common Loon, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the polar bear, the totem pole, and Inuksuk.
The “My Canada” Anthology celebrates this beautiful and wonderful country, from its vast wilderness, great open waters, flat prairies and farm communities to its industry, technology and historical cities.

Call for Submissions

We are looking for original, unique works about what it means to live and be in Canada.  Works may include one of the following: short story, poetry, creative non-fiction, essay.
While the nature of your work may encompass a diversity of expression (e.g., discovery, tragedy, betrayal, endurance, isolation, exploration, transcendence, triumph, humor, inspiration, community) the work needs to portray Canada and being Canadian in a positive light. No Canada-bashing.
You may submit on any topic or sub-theme that speaks to being and living in Canada. However, the editors particularly enjoy works that express metaphoric journeys that span Canada’s own diverse ecosystems, particularly the harsher places. Canadian topics we would like to see include:
  • Journey in Nature & Wilderness
  • Life in one of Canada’s harsher climates
  • Historical discoveries and meanings to self
  • Overcoming and surviving weather calamity or other natural phenomenon (e.g., ice storms)
  • Traditions of family, friends & community
  • Canadian city/town phenomena
  • Canadian activities (e.g., street or ice hockey, skiing, quilting, baking, etc.)
  • Canadian heralds & symbols
  • Art & photography
  • Mythology, folktales and traditional tales (e.g., Aboriginal stories / experiences; others)
  • Coming to Canada / leaving Canada
  • Traveling within or outside of Canada
In all cases, how these observations and experiences affected you philosophically, spiritually, intellectually and viscerally should infuse the work; whether it is a poem, short story or essay, the work should celebrate Canada and being a Canadian. See the specific guidelines below for each narrative form.

Voice and Language

In keeping with the multicultural nature of Canada, the intent of this anthology is to fully represent a diversity of writing voices, styles and use of vernacular. The editors reserve the right to reject any work we deem unsuitable for our intended audience. This may include inappropriate subject matter and inappropriate use of expletives or offensive terms. We will not accept any works that promote racism, bigotry, prejudice or other forms of disrespect.