Friday, September 14, 2007

Alien Next Door Readers--Friday Feature

Hi, I’m back from holidays and today’s Friday Feature is YOU, my readers! Thanks for keeping Ishmael (Sammy) company and commenting on his story. Here’s what you said about his story, “Sammy the Wonder Cat”:

Jean-Luc: “Sammy is a true action cat. Sammy, you look like you could do well. Be sure to tell Nina you want your own blog.”

Twinky and Blinky: “This was the dumbest thing we’ve ever read! We laughed so hard Blinky over there peed himself and got thrown out of the house! We want more! More! MORE!”

Titania Starlight: “What a wonderful story!”

Limehead: "Why did they let Krapper go? Wasn't he bad? But they made friends with him...and then, no one ate Boba Fett...I don't get it..."

Bowser 1, 2, and 3: “We found the way dogs were portrayed ratter ofensuf. We ain't that dum and don’t all look alike eiter! We, aurselves are a hound of grate distinction.”

Karen: “Wonder Cat to the rescue!”

Mara Jade: "Sammy is so adorable! And he has great literary taste."

Kai: “Yay! Sammy the Wonder Cat!”

Vinnie: “ I felt sorry for Krapper—er—Norman. He seemed a nice fellow.”

Anonymous: “How can you put this **** on the internet? There should be a ****** law against this ***** kind of **** !!!...Oh, and I DO SO taste good…”

Ray Badbury: “This was a brilliant piece of metaphoric writing. Sammy’s clever use of vernacular in a staccato series of ribald bathroom cliché veils a stirring story of a hero’s journey.”

Speedcat Hollydale: “This is one of the strangest posts I have ever seen.”

Well, there you have it. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m not sure if Sammy will post again. But perhaps he can be pursuaded to come back sometime if we ask him real nice...
(author's note: I must apologize if we've offended any of you with this story or posted responses: dog-lovers, country western folks, Mark Chessnut, beloved Ray. I myself, adore these...well, I have to admit that Country Western isn't my favorite music. But blogging is all about freedom of expression and while Sammy's and Kevin's opinions differ from mine, I believe in sharing them.)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You certainly got a wide degree of people commenting about Sammy.

Still, good to see you again, Nina!

sfgirl said...

Thanks, Jean-Luc! Nice to be back. You'll be getting more serious posts for a while now... :)

Anonymous said...

What is more serious than cats? They seem to dominate *my* life.

sfgirl said...

LOL! They can do that. Very complicated creatures. Sometimes I think they're more complicated than I am (not hard to do!) LOL